my wrist hurts. #maleficent

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i havent drawn this dude in a long time. golden gouache paint yay! #sketchbook

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it wasn’t an easy journey all the way from istanbul to berlin, but he’s safe and sound! my heaviest statue so far too. baby’s made out of porcelain.

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first time ever trying out copics. this sketchbook was definitely not made for them but eh.

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i wasnt feeling too well so i drew logan lerman woops. back to work now!


quick sketch for papa

i already yelled a lot of joy but THANK YOU LITTLE PRINCE!!!!!
i cant wait to print it out and hang it in my room uwu♥♥♥

ive been neglecting my best friend, so i made a mixtape as an apology. this is the cover :>

this was going so well but then i ruined it im so mad at myself #PergamonmuseumBerlin